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**SOLD** **One Off** Chacom Select Freehand Briar Pipe 07 (Vintage Fleur De Bruyere)

** This product is not currently available. **

This was a one off pipe that has now sold to one lucky pipe smoker. As a pipe of particular historical interest we have left the listing on our website for others to drool over.

  • Overall Length: 191mm
  • Overall Height: 95mm
  • Bowl Height: 60mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 64x75mm
  • Bore: 21mm
  • Weight: 78g
  • Filter: Metal Condensing / Stinger
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cloth pipe bag included

Chacom Pipes (St Claude) Chacom is a family owned company who can trace their pipe making heritage to 1825 before Briar was even discovered. They are based in St Claude which is widely recognised as the pipe making capital of the world. They are one of very few pipe manufacturers who make pipes from start to finish. From ageing the Briar right through to hand finishing.

Chacom Select Freehand Pipes Chacom are not widely known for their freehand pipes but quite predictably for a company of it’s heritage and experience it is something they excel at. Every now and then the pipe graders come across an exceptional block of Briar and feel that it should be made into something much more special than the general shape range that makes up 95% of their production. So on special days the carvers are given free reign to let their creative juices loose!

Well what can we say about the 07 Fleur De Bruyere ......... erm .......... well ........... JUST WOW!! Here at The Black Swan Shoppe we are big fans of freehand pipes and this piece just encapsulates everything we feel about freehand pipes! Eccentricity and raw beauty just flows from every pore of this beautiful piece!! An absolutely stunning piece with a straight grain encompassing the whole of this trumpet flowered bowl, which is finished with what appears to be a real horn band and hand cut stem. The select 07 was discovered in the Chacom factory by The Black Swan during a trip to the chacom factory. The Black Swan discovered some drawers in the factory that were off limits but that was like a red rag to a bull as we routed through like a kid in a sweet shop discovering some really rare offerings. It was like wading through a pipe museum archives and we managed to talk Chacom into letting us take some away. Upon our return to blighty when we could inspect the pipes a little closer we discovered it was marked "Fleur" and with a little research we discovered that Fleur was a range of freehands produced a famous pipe maker 'Pierre Morel' who worked for Chacom in 1978 so not only is this a truly special piece it is also made from 40yr old Briar from when quality Briar was really quality Briar. Briar of this quality is very scarce nowadays and being a pipe of this age it is very well seasoned! This really should be in a museum but hopefully it will go to a passionate smoker who will enjoy every puff.

Condensing Filter/Stinger This pipe incorporates the re-usable metal filter system. The metal filter is suspended in the middle of a moisture trap, which forces the smoke to spiral round the cool metal before entering the stem. This causes condensation, which naturally removes tar and moisture deposits from the smoke trapping them in the shank for a cool pleasant smoking experience. Simply wipe clean in between smokes. The metal filter can be removed altogether for smokers who prefer a totally un-restricted full bodied smoke.

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