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Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired Hot Pressed Flake Pipe Tobacco (50g Pouch)

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Single 50g Packet £15.45
3 Packets (150g) £45.75
Full Box x5 Packets (250g) £75.40

  • 50g Pouch
  • Flake
  • Pipe Tobacco

The Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired is new for 2013 and is Mac Barens response to the revival of the traditional English blends, which is gaining pace by the day. Most companies are heading straight in the direction of the Latakia Jar but Mac Baren are thinking out of the box again by holding back on the Latakia!! We weren’t sure initially but then we realised they are actually being very clever and filling a gaping hole in the market and are being brave.

They have kept the HH as a straight tobacco and blended some carefully selected Burley and Flue cured Virginia leaves, which have then been cooked with steam under pressure to increase the intensity of the already bold flavours of the tobacco whilst providing a cool and smooth smoke. There aren’t many straight blends that rely purely on the flavour of the Burley and Virginia so we reckon the Old Dark Fired is going to be a big hit.

Flake Pipe Tobacco:
The Mac Barens HH Old Dark Fired Pipe tobacco is sold in flake form. Flake tobacco usually requires rubbing (breaking up) before it can be smoked. The tobacco can be rubbed to the smokers preference depending on whether they prefer a slow or fast burn rate.

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