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Montecristo No 3 (Box of 25 Un-Tubed Cuban Cigars)

QTY Price
Single Box (25 Cigars) £387.50

  • Length: 143mm
  • Guage: 42
  • Flavour: Med-Full
  • Cuban
  • Boxed Loose Cigars
  • Branded Wooden Box
  • Humidor Advised

A branded, Cedar box containing 10 loose, Montecristo No 3, Cuban cigars!

Montecristo cigars are by far the most popular cigar in our humidors. The consistent high quality, unique tobacco blend and renowned complex flavours entice avid smokers back for a Montecristo time and time again.

The Montecristo Number three is an attractive cigar with a nice even burn, easy draw and produces a nice long ash. the cigar starts off bland and then explodes into a nice woody flavour with a hint of sweetness finishing with a creamy, chocolaty texture. The No 3 is an average sized cigar, which should be appreciated by most smokers. It doesn’t require too much commitment but is enough to satisfy on a special occasion. It is still a large cigar so would not be recommended as an introduction to premium cigar smoking.

Loose Boxed: When Montecristo package their cigars in 10’s and 25’s they are packaged loose in a Cedar lined box. This helps the cigars to develop and flavours to diffuse. They are stored in our humidors until dispatch and ideally should be transferred directly into a humidor. If you are buying them for a special occasion they should keep for up to a week in a cool, dark place.

Please note the Montecristo cigars require cutting or punching before they can be enjoyed