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Mini Brown Leather 6x Miniature Cigar Holder (GIFT-SPE-4000)

QTY Price
Single Gift Boxed Cigar Case £18.99

  • Length: 145mm
  • Width: 34mm
  • Depth: 28mm
  • Fits up to 21 Ring Gauge (7mm) Miniature Size Cigars
  • Gift Boxed

These are a high quality stained leather Cigar case perfect for transporting your favourite quality Cigars in style. This case is designed to fit Miniature Cigars of 17 ring gauge and 88mm but will accept a Cigar up to 21 ring gauge and a length of up to 130mm. The larger length is achieved by not compacting the case fully down and is a method successfully used by many Cigar Smokers to avoid always having to have a bulky case.
Of course it will accept smaller Cigars if you do not stick to a particular size.