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Medwakh Premium Traditional Dokha Pipe (Ox Horn)

  • Length: 179mm
  • Real Ox Horn Design
  • Made in United Arab Emirates

Medwakh Pipes Medwakh pipes are a small smoking pipe of Arabic origin in which Dokha is smoked. The bowl of a medwakh pipe is typically smaller than that of a traditional western tobacco pipe. Dokha has a much higher nicotine content so smaller amounts need to be smoked at a time. To use the pipe, place a small amount in the bowl and place the pipe to your lips. Add a flame from a lighter or matches, fill your mouth with smoke then inhale with plenty of fresh air, repeat 2-3 times on the same breath and hold the smoke in your lungs for 5 to 10 seconds. Dokha has quite a kick so it is advisable to be sat down with a beverage on hand. To clean the pipe just run a pipe cleaner around the bowl and then through the stem, you can also use a cleaning solution.

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