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Mascotte MAGNETIC Click Slim King Size Cigarette Papers

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  • Length: 108 mm
  • Width: 44 mm
  • Per Pack: 33 Leaves
  • Weight: 12 gsm
  • Slow Burning
  • Cut Corners
  • Finest Arabic Gum

Lets Go Dutch Established in 1858 and started making waves in 1944 when fine paper used for printing Bibles of all things was found to be suitable for rolling paper, which at the time was in short supply. So can we say Mascotte papers are endorsed by religion? Maybe a stretch too far but if you’ve got a light imagination you can chose if you want to believe it! Unfounded claims aside, Mascotte have been perfecting their products in the rolling capital of the world for 70 years and now they feel it’s time to give the world access to their products as they are finally released in the UK.

Mascotte Elements Magnetic Slim King Size Cigarette Papers The first Magnetic cigarette papers in the world The new Mascotte Elements incorporate an exclusive magnet in the flap to hold the shape of your cigarette papers in the pack. No more wasted damaged papers just a clean flat rolling surface, 1st time every time! The mascotte Elements King Size Slim Cigarette Papers are made using the usual Specially selected plant fibres that have been bleached without the use of Chlorine and only the finest Arabic Gum for a wonderfully thin slow burning paper that if set aside will extinguish itself. The slimmer proportions mean less paper in the cigarette. Finished with an exclusive watermark as a sign of quality.

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