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Mascotte Cigarette Box, Cigarette Case

Single Cigarette Box £1.99
3 Cigarette Boxes £4.90

** This product is not currently available. **

  • Holds x21 8mm Cigarettes or Roll Ups
  • Holds x40 6mm slim roll ups
  • Holds x55 5.3mm extra slim roll ups

Lets Go Dutch
Established in 1858 and started making waves in 1944 when fine paper used for printing Bibles of all things was found to be suitable for rolling paper, which at the time was in short supply. So can we say Mascotte papers are endorsed by religion? Maybe a stretch too far but if you’ve got a light imagination you can chose if you want to believe it!
Unfounded claims aside, Mascotte have been perfecting their products in the rolling capital of the world for 70 years and now they feel it’s time to give the world access to their products as they are finally released in the UK.

Mascotte Cigarette Storage Box
So you’ve spent a few hours making up a batch of cigarettes so you get an empty cigarette packet off someone and put them in one don’t you?! Erm…… no! Why advertise a brand for one of the global market manipulators but one of these instead. More sturdy to protect those precious cigarettes or roll ups.