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Mac Baren Cube 40g Pouch of Pipe Tobacco

QTY Price
Single 40g Pouch £11.70
3 Packets (120g) £34.65
Full Box x5 Packs (200g) £57.10

  • 40g Sealed Pouch
  • Ready Rubbed
  • Pipe Tobacco

Usually it takes a couple of years for a tobacco to get noticed. However after only a couple of years The Mac Baren Cube has entered our top 3 selling Pipe Tobacco’s and we reckon its soon going to be “THE” top seller.
“Henrik Halberg personally describes this tobacco as being between the sweet and the fruity in a beautifully creamy manner – a tobacco with a refreshing interplay that tastes identical each time.”

The Mac Baren Cube contains eight different pressed Burley tobaccos from various continents cut finely to add a rich, rounded taste. Then seven specially treated Virginia tobacco leaf variants, give Cube the perfect roundness with a mildly sweet and slightly acidic taste. The final addition is twelve different Cavendish tobaccos from Brazil and North America to give it sweetness and freshness.
The combination of pressed fine cut Burley tobacco with the other loose tobaccos in Cube provides a slower, cooler smoke, with more long-lasting enjoyment and a better taste, which does not turn bitter.
Overall: A mild tobacco that doesn’t burn hot (almost a contradiction in terms but Mac Baren have achieved it)

Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco:
The Mac Barens Cube Pipe Tobacco is a ready rubbed tobacco blend. Ready rubbed tobacco is made up of loose strands and is ready for immediate use in the pipe with no preparation for added convenience and enjoyment.