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Liqualites Slim EVOD Wickless Premium Quality Slimmer Vaporiser Kit (Slim Black)

QTY Price
Single Kit (Vaporiser + USB Charger) £12.99

  • Length: 150mm
  • Diameter: Only 11mm
  • Standard 510 Thread
  • USB Charger included
  • 1 Year warranty

Liqualites CE5 Slim Starter Kit:
WOW!! Have we been waiting for this product to come on the market!! If we had £1 for every time someone asked us for a slimmer tank system ………….. well ………………….. we’d be going on many more staff nights out!
A slender, slimmer and more elegant electronic cigarette is not a new thing but they usually require cartomisers which restrict your choice of vape strength and flavour. Liqualites have developed a reliable slim Vaporiser that you can fill with any fluid of your choice.

The Liqualites Eslim Starter kit comes complete with a new slim advanced EVOD bottom coil clearomiser, 400mah battery and a USB charger. Everything you need to get vaping with the eGo tank system apart from a bottle of Eliquid. This leaves you to choose your preferred fluid rather than being restricted to a flavour provided by the manufacturer.
If you don’t have a computer or suitable USB port to charge your battery then we have Compatible 3 Pin Plugs available in the Liqualites Accessories section of our website.

Liqualites is a British company that has a lot of experience in the Vaping market and have built their company on strong and truly British ethics. The company has kept control of growth and haven’t traded quality for a quick buck like other companies out there.
Their hardware and liquids are made to the highest standards and offer advanced, cutting edge vaporizers and equipment with a fair 1 year warranty!! Yes that’s right a 1 year warranty!!
Considering the reasonable RRP of their hardware this is outstanding!

Eliquid Choice
Any quality eliquid/fluid can be used with a Liqualites vaporiser but we advise our customers to avoid budget Eliquids available on the net. If it’s very cheap there is usually a reason why!
Quality is key for an enjoyable vape. Liqualites Fluid is 100% British made, comes highly recommended and is very popular. British Eliquid manufacturing standards are higher and more regulated than anywhere else in the world so you can be assured of the best quality and cleanest fluid.
We also have other more Premium Eliquid on our website, which will all work in a Liqualites Vaporizer.

Liqualites Slim EVOD Clearomizer:
Liqualites have developed their new E-slim vaporizer for use with a specially developed EVOD clearomizer, which is the new preferred choice over CE4 and CE5’s. The EVOD is the new advancement in clearomizer technology as a bottom coil Clearomizer tank system. It features replaceable coils and has a eLiquid capacity of about 1.6ml.
Bottom coil cartomizers provide a nice warm vapor, with a superb clean flavor, and reduced wicking issues as the coil is more naturally coated in eliquid at the base of the clearomizer. This means less burning flavour and a longer lasting clearomizer.

Unlike other Clearomizers, the mouthpiece of the EVOD is permanently attached and it is filled from the bottom. This two-piece design is a major advantage over other tanks with replaceable atomizer heads. If the EVOD atomizer head fails unexpectedly and the tank is filled with eLiquid, the atomizer coil can be easily replaced without the need to drain the eLiquid in the tank first.
To fill the EVOD Clearomizer unscrew the base. Hold the tank upside down and fill with approx. 1.6ml of eLiquid and while still upside down screw the base back on. Screw on firm but not over tight.
Replacement coils are available in the Liqualites Clearomisers area of our website.

Please note that this product is unique to Liqualites and is designed for use with the 510 threaded batteries. There are other 510 threaded batteries on the market but we can’t guarantee compatibility. And why would you want to use an alternative battery the liqualites batteries are awesome!

400mah Lithium Battery:
* Average Charge Time: 1hrs – 1.5hrs
* Average Usage: 400 Puffs
* Lifespan: 200-250 Charges
* Standard 510 Thread
* Lithium Ion Technology
* Clearomizer short circuit protection,
* Low power alert
* Auto cut off protection.

Please note that this product is unique to Liqualites and is designed for use with the Liqualites E-slim clearomizer. There are other 510 threaded clearomizers on the market but we can’t guarantee compatibility.

1 Year fair warranty:
Liqualites hardware is covered by a 12 month fair warranty from the date of purchase. Items that visually have had excessive use or abuse will not be covered by the warranty. Batteries must only be charged using official liqualites chargers and plugs.
This warranty is covered by Liqualites and repairs/replacements will be at the discretion of Liqualites.
Please note the warranty excludes clearomizers as these are a consumable element of a vaporiser.