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Liqualites (Series 1 & 2) Intelligent Li-Ion EGO Battery 1100 mAh TWIST Variable Voltage (Brushed Chrome)

Single Boxed Brushed Chrome Battery £5.70

** This product is not currently available. **

  • Compatible with Series 1 & 2 Clearomizers
  • Variable Voltage: 3.2v – 4.8v
  • Accurate 0.2v Increments
  • Traffic Light Intelligent battery level warnings
  • Average Charge Time: 3hrs – 3.5hrs
  • Average Usage: 1000 Puffs
  • Lifespan: 250-300 Charges
  • Lithium Ion Technology
  • Clearomizer short circuit protection,
  • Low power alert
  • Auto cut off protection
  • Length: 127mm
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Weight: 43g

VV Batteries with a Twist (Variable Voltage):
Eliquids vary from company to company and will vape differently depending on the voltage the battery gives out. Some liquids need that extra bit of power to vape and some more delicate fluids can be burnt with too much power. It’s all about finding the “sweet spot” for that particular fluid.
With a smart Buck-Boost converter inside, you can spin the control dial at the end of the battery to adjust the output voltage to your requirement.

EGO 1100mAh Lithium Battery:
The most versatile battery on the market with an extra large capacity for the serious vaping enthusiast.
This battery should last even the heaviest vapour through any day and well into the midnight hours.

Intelligent Traffic Light System:
Lets face it all batteries look the same so it’s hard to know if your getting good value for money unless you know the brand. The Liqualites are ones of those brands that are going to prevail over the coming years. They are premium quality, intelligent batteries, which work well and last the test of time. The traffic light system is a simple attractive and very useful feature. As the battery wears down through use the light surrounding the button goes from Green (fully charged) to amber (losing power) to red (running low)

What is mAh:
Many confuse the mAh as the strength of the battery believing it will give the best vape. The mAh merely relates to the capacity of the battery. It should be considered that the bigger the mAh the bigger the battery is physically.

1 Year fair warranty:
Liqualites hardware is covered by a 12 month fair warranty from the date of purchase. Items that visually have had excessive use or abuse will not be covered by the warranty. Batteries must only be charged using official liqualites chargers and plugs.
This warranty is covered by Liqualites and repairs/replacements will be at the discretion of Liqualites.
Please note the warranty excludes clearomizers as these are a consumable element of a vaporiser.