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Levent Turkish Meerschaum Cigarette Holder

Single Gift Boxed Cigarette Holder £14.99

** This product is not currently available. **

Takes Universal Cigarettes or filters (8mm)
Length: 100mm

Adding a touch of class and character to your favourite pastime.
Meerschaum has occasionally been used as a substitute for soapstone, fuller’s earth, and as a building material; but its chief use is for smoking pipes and cigarette holders. The first recorded use of meerschaum for making pipes was around 1723 and quickly became prized as the perfect material for providing a cool, dry, flavorful smoke. The porous nature of meerschaum draws moisture and tobacco tar into the stone. Meerschaum became a premium substitute for the clay pipes of the day and remains prized to this day, though since the mid-1800s briar pipes have become the most common pipes for smoking.

A cigarette holder also eliminates the yellow Tar and Nicotine staining on the fingers

The Levent Meerschaum Holders are designed for use with any standard size King Size or Superkings cigarette.