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Levent Hand Carved Block Meerschaum Small Carved Billiard 241

  • Overall Length: 148mm
  • Overall Height: 61mm
  • Bowl Height: 48mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 34mm
  • Bore: 19mm
  • Weight: 29g
  • Fitted Leather Bound Hard Case
  • Filter: None

Levent Block Meerschaum Pipes: Sourcing a good Block Meerschaum is a minefield with many fakes and sub standard products flying around the black market. If you have ever bought a Block Meerschaum from a reputable UK tobacconist it is more than likely a Levent Meerschaum as they have gained an excellent reputation for using only the finest Block Meerschaum mined at over 200ft where the block is far superior. The quality of carving and general finish from Levent Meerschaums is of an excellent standard with a price tag that is more than justified.

Block Meerschaum Pipes: Meerschaum, also known as Sea Foam is a naturally formed clay which is considered the most porous naturally occurring material on the planet. This highly porous nature clay is ideal for pipe smoking as it acts like a filter removing tar and impurities from the smoke as well as allowing the pipe to breath which helps it smoke cooler and sweeter.

In comparison to pressed Meerschaum ……… erm there is no comparison. Pressed Meerschaum is formed using dust and glue under pressure to form the appearance of block Meerschaum but this totally defeats the object of Meerschaum as glue is not porous and does not breath. If you want something to look good but aren’t bothered about the smoking characteristics then buy a pressed Meerschaum. If you want to experience the true Meerschaum then save for a block meerschaum you will not regret it.

Breaking in Meerschaum Pipes: Meerschaum does not burn so your Meerschaum does not need breaking in or reaming.

If you look after your Meerschaum you will be able to witness the pipe curing over years as the natural oils from the tobacco are absorbed into the clay revealing deep reds and golden browns. A well carved meerschaum will really show its true quality as deeper carvings will be enhanced by deeper shades where thicker parts of the pipe will stay more Golden.

One off pipes: You cannot buy Block Meerschaum pipes in a set sizes or shapes as they are all hand carved. You will therefore receive the exact pipe pictured.

Fitted Leather Bound Hard Case: As with traditional Block Meerschaum pipes from Levent, these pipes come in a fitted leather bound hard case which protects your pipe in storage or if you wish to take your favourite companion on your travels.

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