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La Flor De Rafael Gonzalez Coronas de Lonsdales (Single Loose Cigar)

  • Length: 127mm
  • Gauge: 50
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Cuban

A Single Loose Hand Rolled Cuban Cigar

La Flor De Rafael Gonzalez Cuban Cigars: La Flor De Rafael Gonzalez, Originally known as "La Flor De Marquez", has a rich history dating back to it's inception in 1928. It was founded by a Spanish aristocrat, Marquez Rafael Gonzalez, who aimed to captivate the English market with his cigars. The brand, which became part of the portfolio of El Rey del Mundo in 1936, experienced a period of obscurity, dissapearing in the early 1940's only to reemerge in 1965. Rafael Gonzalez cigars are recognized for their mild taste, making them suitable for both seasoned smokers and those new to the experience. Today, the brand continues to stand out for its understated branding and the quality of its cigars, which are made entirely by hand using long filler tobacco from the legendary Vuelta Abajo plantations in Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Coronas de Lonsdales A new release to the UK and contrary to what it's name might suggest, this new entrant to the Rafael Gonzalez lineup is neither a Corona nor a Lonsdale. Instead, it's a Hermoso No.4 with dimensions of 127mm by a 48 ring gauge. This Hermoso No.4 extends the brand’s offerings in the UK, which include the Petit Corona and Perla, and its relatively larger ring gauge is sure to pique the interest of cigar enthusiasts eager to venture beyond the familiar paths. While Rafael Gonzalez may be overlooked in favor of more visually striking Havana cigars, those who delve beyond its modest and unassuming branding will discover a delicately flavored gem. It’s a testament to the subtle complexity and finesse that Havana cigars can provide. Encased in Cedar boxes containing ten cigars each, the Coronas de Lonsdale are meticulously handcrafted using long filler tobacco from the famed Vuelta Abajo plantations in Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Loose boxed: The Coronas de Lonsdales are packaged loose in a cedar box. The cigars are kept in our humidors until dispatch and preferably should be stored in a humidor as soon as you receive them. If you are planning on smoking them within a couple of weeks the cigars should be okay as long as they are kept in a cool dark place.

Preparation: Please note the Coronas de Lonsdales cigars require cutting or punching before they can be enjoyed.

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