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J.R. Freeman King Six Panatellas (Pack of 6)

QTY Price
Single Pack (6 Cigars) £5.85
5 Packs (30 Cigars) £29.25
10 Packs (60 Cigars) £58.50

  • Length: 105mm
  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Flavour: Mild
  • Individually Cellophane Wrapped
  • No Humidor Required
  • Pack of 6 individually wrapped cigars!

J.R. Freeman Cigars
When James Rykers Freeman’s first factory opened in Cardiff in 1895 cigar making was a manual process from start to finish, from sizing and blending to the final rolling of the wrapper leaf. The process remained unchanged well into the early 1920s. Joining the Gallaher group in 1947 gave the company the funds it needed to modernise the cigar making process before going on to create a brand that would redefine the UK market, Hamlet in 1964.

King Six Cigars
The King Six cigars are made from an expertly blended combination of aged South African, Caribbean and Indonesian filler with a 100% Ecuadorian wrapper leaf, They get their name from there being six cigars per pack as opposed to the usual 5 in a standard pack of cigars. The light body and relatively small size should easily be enjoyable by the novice smoker with enough flavours to keep the more experienced satisfied. King Six do not require cutting and are ready to be enjoyed straight out of the box.

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