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**DISCONTINUED** John Sinclair Highland Sliced Flake Pipe Tobacco (25g Pouch)

Single Pouch £6.16
3 Packs (75g) £18.20
5 Packs (125g) £30.10
10 Packs (250g) £59.80

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately production of this iconic Tobacco blend has been seized and we have exhausted all supply. As always we have left the description here for historical reference and interest.

  • 25g Sealed Pouch
  • Flake Tobacco
  • Pipe Tobacco

John Sinclairs Highland Sliced is another one of those old classics that has escaped the clutches of the global tobacco giants. It is produced by Orlik who are one of the Giants but, they are giants who care about smokers enjoyment as well as profit. From reports it appears that this still smokes the same as it did 50 years ago and there has been no interference with the original recipe.

The Highland Sliced is a sturdy, slow burning, full bodied flake tobacco, which burns well and is packed full of characterfull flavour. It is produced from air cured Virginia and has been flavoured with a secret aroma, which adds a bit of character without sacrificing the natural flavour of the tobacco. Being full bodied this blend is for the experienced smoker who has time to sit and enjoy the flavours, we would not recommend it for the novice smoker.

Flake tobacco:
John Sinclairs Highland Sliced Pipe tobacco is sold in flake form. Flake tobacco usually requires rubbing (breaking up) before it can be smoked. The tobacco can be rubbed to the smokers preference depending on whether they prefer a slow or fast burn rate.

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