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JF Germain's Uncle Tom's Broken Flake Pipe Tobacco (50g PRE PACK)

QTY Price
Single 50g Pouch £15.45
3 x 50g Pouches (150g) £45.15
5 x 50g Pouches (250g) £74.50

  • 50g Sealed Pouch
  • Broken Flake
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • British Made

Germain’s British Pipe Tobacco’s:
One of the last remaining true British Pipe Tobacco blenders. Renowned for their very “British” style with unique recipes dating back nearly a century! Germains Tobacco is notoriously difficult to obtain and such demand is always high from this characterful factory in Jersey.

Germains Uncle Tom’s Broken Flake Pipe Tobacco:
In true character to the Germains style the Uncle Toms is another fine undressed blend from this characterful British factory.
The blend is produced using Black pressed Cavendish with matured air cured and flue cured tobacco which provides an old fashioned style with plenty of taste for those who love and appreciate the natural Tobacco flavours.

Broken Flake Pipe Tobacco:

The Germains Uncle Tom’s is a broken flake so you get all the cool smoking flavoursome advantages of a Flake Tobacco but it has been pre-broken to save you rubbing it down to smokeable strands.

Delicate Flakes:

Please note that Germains Flakes are more delicate/finer flakes than from other manufacturers. This makes them very easy to crumble and rub out but also means that they often don’t resemble flakes after movement in transit. So please expect something that resembles a broken flake than the neat flakes you get from other manufacturers.

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