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Humidor Supreme Travel Size Humidor (5 Cigars)


External Dimensions: * Length: 217mm * Width: 130mm * Depth: 48mm

Internal Dimensions: * Length: 204mm * Width: 103mm * Depth: 40mm (Excluding padding)

  • Lockable
  • Lanyard Included
  • Airtight
  • Waterproof
  • Super Strong ABS plastic

Travel Humidors: Cigars are precious and so is time so you want your Cigars to be maintained in perfect condition for when the right occasion arrives to enjoy one of your prized Stogies. Inspired by military stronghold boxes these humidors are nearly indestructible, you can literally throw these in the bottom of your boat, rucksack or even the wife's tightly packed suitcase and forget about them. The box is filled with padded foam which holds your Cigars and prevents them rattling about in the box. A humi pad is located in the lid which when filled with water will maintain the humidity in your humidor.

5 Cigars: The Humidor Supreme is designed to store 5 Cigars and the foam is ribbed to ensure they do not rub together. It is possible to store more Cigars depending on the size but you may wish to pad them individually depending on how rough the journey will be.

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