navigate_before Honest Arc USB Plasma Lighters

Honest Arc Gunmetal Rechargeable USB Plasma Flame Lighter BN240Y-06

  • Height: 60mm
  • Width: 32mm
  • Depth: 13mm
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Flame: Plasma Arc
  • Dust Cover
  • Guarantee: 2 Years
  • Gift Box

The Honest Lighter Range is a fairly new range to the UK but they are going down a storm. The quality and finish is to the standard we would usually expect to see on a Ronson or Colibri but at a much more reasonable price. They all come complete in a deluxe gift box with a 2 year Manufacturers warranty.

The Honest Arc is a nifty new lighter in the Honest range, they don't have a flame as such and there are no fuel or flints to replace. To ignite, just flip open the dust cap and turn the lighter a 90 degree angle and the plasma flame will ignite, then just close the lid to turn off. The way the arc lighter works is there are 4 electrodes, 2 of the electrodes are more charged than the others and when the current passes through it ionises the air between the electrodes creating an Arc, similar to a welder (or the ghostbusters proton pack). Sure to be a talking point of any smoke break. For maintenance purposes there is a handy little brush included to keep the electrodes clean and your lighter in top condition.

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