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Herold Solingen Medium Grit Strop Paste Red

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Single Red Tube £7.99

  • Medium Grit Stropping Paste
  • 5g Tube
  • Finer than the Green Paste for a Near Mirror Finish

The Red paste from Herold Solingen is their medium grit strop paste. Day to day maintenance is typically done on plain leather or linen as long as you keep your strop in good condition with a treatment paste like the Solingen Yellow or the Dovo Leatherbalm. Abrasive pastes however are used less frequently to bring edges back to a high state of sharpness when they begin to dull

Paste Variations:
The Solingen pastes are available in more abrasive versions but we recommend that if your razor needs honing with something more abrasive you are better sending it to a professional for honing. Please contact us for more information if you can’t restore the finish on your razor.

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