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Hemo-Stop Styptic Pencil for Shaving Cuts 12g

  • Heals Shaving Cuts

Have you ever had one of those nasty little nicks or cuts from shaving that don’t appear for a good ten seconds until the flood gates open and the never ending flow of claret seeps over your face. As your face is wet the shaving foam seeps over the cut and smarts like a kick in the nether regions.

Well you’ll wish you’d discovered the Styptic pen years ago.

Styptic pens are made from a special hygienic solution for the quick healing of shaving nicks or cuts. Simply moisten the tip of the pencil in clean water and rub over the affected cut. Hey presto the cut is hygienically sealed and well disguised leaving you ready to finish the other side of your face and get on with your day.

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