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Havana Club Tinaja Ceramic Cigar Storage Jar HC-301

  • Height: 228mm
  • Width: 143mm
  • Quality Ceramic
  • Branded Box
  • 2 Boveda Long Term Humidity Packs Included

Havana Club Havana Club is probably the most Iconic brand of Rum in the world made in the heart of Cigar country. No visit to Cuba is complete without a visit to the Cigar plantations followed by a few dozen mojitos.

What better way to bring the memories of your trip to Cuba than smoking a Cuban Cigar out of your Havana Club Storage Jar. As you would expect they are excellent quality ceramic and glaze that are reminiscent of the Caribbean culture.

Havana Club Tinaja Storage Jar: Taking its name from a traditional jar for keeping water cool, The Tinaja is an elegant storage jar handmade from very high quality ceramic inspired by the Cuban art of good living. This holds up to 25 large cigars so you'll never be short of a stick to go with your Mojito. Included is 2 Large boveda 72% humidity packs which should keep your cigars in tip top bristol fashion for well over a year.

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