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Hardcastle Vachetta Brown Tobacco Pouch 2 Pipe Combination Pouch QHP415

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Single Boxed Tobacco Pouch £52.99

  • Length: 180mm
  • Height: 95mm
  • Depth: 55mm
  • Capacity: 50g
  • Basic Branded Gift Box

Hardcastle Tobacco Pouches:
Hardcastle Tobacco pouches were introduced onto the UK market in 2016 to fill a gap in the tobacco pouch market for a high quality tobacco pouch without the hefty price tag of premium brands. They are handmade using the highest quality hand stretched Vachetta Brown Leather with a premium long lasting and subtle Latex lining to aid in moisture retention.

Hardcastle Leather QHP415 Travel Tobacco Pouch:
The QHP415 is the ultimate pipe smokers travel companion that will hold every pipe smoking requisite you need for a long or short trip.

The Tobacco storage pouch is a simple and neat folding press stud pouch that is completely removable and is secured using two press stud fasteners on the back. The flap on the tobacco pouch folds to form a good seal as the pouch is closed.
One one side of the Companion there is space for two pipes of average size which are held in place by two leather straps. There are two cleverly placed tensioners inside each loop to help secure the pipes further.
The pouch also benefits from two separate compartments which are revealed as the pouch is opened. These can be used for Filters, pipe tools, lighters and even your loose change if required.
One feature we really like is the preparation area which is created when you open the flap. This gives you a 100mm x 160mm platform to prepare your pipe without making a mess.
The whole flap wraps around the pouch and is held firmly with two magnetic clasps. All in all a lovely neat travel friend.


Please note that the dimensions above are intended as a guide only.
Measuring a soft leather pouch is difficult and is done when the pouch has no Tobacco or accessories stored in it.