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Handelsgold Chocolate Flavoured Cigarillos (Pack of 5 Cigars)

QTY Price
Single Pack (5 Cigars) £8.05
5 Packs (25 Cigars) £38.85
10 Packs (50 Cigars) £76.50

  • Pack of 5 Flavoured Cigars
  • Cellophane Wrapped
  • Length: 4" (97mm)
  • Strength: Medium

Arnold Andre Handelsgold Chocolate Flavoured Cigars
The UK has been very much deprived of a good selection of Flavoured Cigars over the last decade and surprisingly it’s the Germans that are rectifying this dire situation. First we had Candlelight, which have gone down a storm in the UK and now we have Arnold Andre with their premium Handelsgold , which we are told are very popular overseas.

The Handelsgold is a firm premium Cigarillo made from carefully selected leaves, which have been carefully fermented to bring out the sweet tobacco flavours before a rich Chocolate top dressing is added.

The Handelsgold flavoured cigars do not require cutting and can be enjoyed straight out of the pack.