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Habanos UK Havana Cigar Portfolio (2nd Edition)

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  • 78 Pages

Habanos UK Havana Cigar Portfolio (2nd Edition)
Do you have a fascination with Cuban Cigars, are you confused by the vast range, ever wondered what the codes on the boxes mean or do you just want to learn about more about this fascinating Cigar Culture?
Well this book should fill in any gaps you have!

This book details the full portfolio of every Vitola in the UK range of Cuban Cigars with detailed information on every brand and the factories they are made in.
It details the aged and limited edition Cigars and explains the box codes to help you understand the benefits of the UK Cigars and identify fakes.
It also has a useful couple of pages at the back on how to store your cigars and how to get the most out of your cigars.