navigate_before GBD Mini Coloured Hand Rolling Leather Tobacco Pouches

GBD Mini Leather Hand Rolling Tobacco Pouch (P35539GR Green)

  • Integrated Paper Holder
  • Length: 110mm
  • Height: 70mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Capacity: 25g
  • Press Stud Fastener

Leather Pipe Tobacco Pouches: Leather Tobacco Pouches are the more more practical & luxurious solution for transporting your Tobacco and accessories. They keep your Tobacco fresh, keep all your smoking requisites to hand and look a damned sight nicer than the plastic offerings Tobacco is now packaged in by the manufacturers.

GBD Mini Leather Pipe Tobacco Pouches: Fight back against the doom and gloom that the anti smokers want to cloud your favourite pastime with and bring out the GBD mini pouch every time you fancy a smoke! The GBD mini Tobacco pouches are a very pocket friendly pouch aimed at the modern smoker who likes a bit of colour in their lives. Generally we take less Tobacco out with us so why carry a large bulky pouch around with us. You can now have the luxury of a real leather pouch which is smaller than the average purse or wallet and will fit neatly into most pockets. There is an integrated paper dispenser to stop your papers getting damp and creased in your pocket while keeping them at your finger tips.

Dimensions: Please note that the dimensions above are intended as a guide only. Measuring a soft leather pouch is difficult and is done when the pouch has no Tobacco or accessories stored in it.

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