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**DISCONTINUED** Gawith and Hoggarths Kendal Dark Plug (Aromatic) Pipe Tobacco

Single Pouch 30g (Last 30g available do not order more than one) £8.30

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately this tobacco is no longer made. As usual we have left the listing on our website for historical reference and interest.

* Loose Packaged to order
* Pressed Plug Blocks
* Pipe Tobacco

A true English classic the Kendal Dark Aromatic Plug Pipe Tobacco is produced by Gawith and Hoggarth in the heart of the lake district. Equal proportions of Dark Fired Malawi and Indian dark air cured leaves have been cooked under pressure before undergoing a long curing process and being top dressed with a spicy aromatic flavour. The result is a strong full bodied smoke, which boasts plenty of character. The sweet yet earthy flavour from the Indian leaf contrasting with the smokey peaty flavours of the Dark Fired leaf is one to be experienced. We would however only recommend this for the experienced or adventurous smoker.
This is the same Tobacco as the unscented Dark Plug with an Aromatic top dressing for those lovers of Aromatics.

Kendal Aromatic Flavouring:
We struggled for many years to define the Aromatic flavour produced by the Kendal firm but one of our favourite customers “Mr Horsfall” who is a well regarded pipe smoker hit the nail on the head with Turkish Delight.

Plug Tobacco:
The Gawith and Hoggarths Kendal Tobacco comes in an un-prepared plug form. Plug blocks are cut from a cake, which is produced by fermenting tobacco leaves under immense pressure. A plug requires slicing and rubbing to prepare it for smoking. Leaving large slices or chunks will reduce the burn rate whilst thinner slices will provide a faster more intense burn.
Due to the added fermentation process, plug tends to be full bodied and would only be recommended for the experienced smoker.