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**DISCONTINUED** Flandria Eco (Sauvage) Natural Additive Free Hand Rolling Tobacco (Yellow 20g Pouch)

Single 20g Pouch £6.95
3 Pouches (60g) £20.55
5 Pouches (100g) £33.60

** This product is not currently available. **

Unfortunately this is another casualty of the 2016/2017 TPD2 legislation. The new legislation has made it extremely difficult for the smaller companies to keep going. We hope that this tobacco will be available in the UK again some time in the future but for the time being we cannot get any supplies of this tobacco.

* 20g Sealed Pouch
* Additive Free
* Fine Cut
* Hand Rolling Tobacco

20g Sealed Pouch of the finest 100% Additive-free natural roll your own tobacco blended in Belgium from pure Virginia leaves.

Flandria Sauvage
The Flandria Eco is known as Flandria Sauvage overseas. It was felt that this name was not appropriate for the UK market so was renamed but it is the same tobacco inside the pack.

Like all tobacco, this high quality blend contains natural nicotine. However, the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides is not permitted during the growing and harvesting of the tobacco leaf.
This philosophy is maintained during the manufacturing process. Flandria do not add moisture retainers, preservatives or other chemicals to Flandria fine cut Hand Rolling Tobacco.