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**SOLD OUT** Falcon Limited Edition 2015 Shillelagh Pipe Straight Twist Chrome & Red 008 (Stem Only)

Single Boxed Pipe Stem (No Bowl) £21.99

** This product is not currently available. **

These were a limited edition pipe and we have now exhausted all stocks. As usual we have left the listing on our website for historical reference and interest.

* Overall Length: 145mm
* Overall Height: 13mm (without bowl)
* Weight: 18g
* Dental or Non Dental
* Interchangeable Bowl
* Gift Boxed
* Aluminium Cooling Stem

Falcon Limited Edition Pipe Stems:
The legendary Falcon pipe with a new twist!!
It began in 2014 when Falcon released some long lost designs from yester year and revived them for a one off special. There was such a buzz at the release from retailers and subsequently from many avid pipe collectors that they have decided to make this an annual thing.
Every year they are going to release some limited edition pipes in time for Christmas.

These are limited edition and last year most were sold out before Christmas so we recommend snapping them up early.

Bowl Choice:
The bowl in the picture is for illustration only
These limited edition pipes are sold to retailers complete with a random bowl selection. We appreciate that the pipe smokers who want a pipe of this style will no doubt want to choose their own bowl or fit one they already have so we are selling them without a bowl.
They look simply stunning with a Hunter bowl so we would highly recommend one of these to finish off your pipe.

Falcon Pipes:
The Falcon pipe was first produced in 1936 and was a major innovation in the pipe world that has stood the test of time as smokers pick up their Falcon time and time again. When used with a Falcon Briar bowl the Falcon pipes provides a cool smoke filtered naturally through condensation caused by the spiralling of the stem. This stem also has space to accommodate an extra filter (dry ring) if the smoker wishes. The Falcon dry rings are available in the ‘Pipe cleaners and Filters’ area of this site.

The stems on Falcon pipes are very narrow. Regular forcing of a standard pipecleaner can cause permanent damage. Falcon extra thin pipe cleaners should be used for regular cleaning.

Please note:
Only official Falcon Bowls will fit this stem