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Ewee Deluxe Table Cigar Cutter (Gold/Silver)

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Single Cigar Cutter £54.99

  • Cuts Up to 52 Ring Guage
  • Surgical Steel Blade

Combining beautiful design with use-ability!
The Ewee Table Cigar cutters are probably the finest cigar guillotines on the market.

Construction: The Ewee Table cigar cutters have been designed to provide the smoothest and most accurate cut possible. They have been manufactured by highly specialized technicians to provide a smooth, effortless and precise cut. This prevents the cigar being compressed or the outer leaf being damaged during the trimming process.

Finish: The main body of the cutter is made from stainless steel with a durable high polished Chrome finish with Contrasting Gold on the mechanical part. Every Ewee cutter is hand polished over six times using various grades of emery powder to ensure a durable finish.

Size: Will cut any cigar up to a 52 ring gauge

The razor sharp, surgical grade stainless steel blade has been stamped and hand ground by the very renowned steel producers in Solingen Germany.

Comes complete in a varnished wooden presentation box, which slides open to reveal the cigar cutter!