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Erik Nording Keystone Pipe Natural Briar Pipe + Tin of Volcanic Filters

QTY Price
Briar Pipe + 15g tin of keystone filters £25.99

  • Overall Length: 152mm
  • Overall Height: 55mm
  • Bowl Height: 55mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 35mm
  • Bore: 19mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Replaceable Bowl
  • Replaceable Mouthpiece
  • Gift Bag

Nording Danish Pipes:
Well they don’t come with much more history and character than Erik Nording of Denmark. He wasn’t born and bred into the pipe world but found his way after dabbling in design and engineering of varying fields. Pipe making began as a hobby before he released his work to the world and has never looked back. Nording pipes now produce around 50,000 pipes per year, which takes them into the mass market but don’t be fooled every pipe is hand carved under the careful eye of Erik Nording as he maintains the quality and heart of a boutique pipe maker with intriguing and exciting creations. All Nording pipes are still one off pipes carved to the natural flow of the grain of each individual Briar block.

Nording Keystone Pipes:
It is rare to see new ideas in the world of pipes but true to his innovative roots Erik Nording has really pushed the boat out with this new system. Some will say it is a modern adaptation to the Falcon and they wouldn’t be far off the mark but it’s been much improved.
Great price, lightweight, quality briar bowl, cool and dry to smoke, what more could you ask for! The pipe body is made from a specially developed heat proof resin in Denmark. Don’t let this put you off, you don’t notice that it isn’t wood until you actually hold the pipe as it has been rusticated and apart from being light it has a feel of quality and is a long way from a Chinese production. It gives a fresh modern appeal and will last a lifetime with no need for polishing.

Replaceable Briar Bowl:
The bowl is replaceable but rather than the flawed screw thread you get Falcons it has a tight push fit with a rubber seal.

Keystone Filters.
Keystone Filters aren’t a totally new idea but it is done well. The absorbent Volcanic clay stones absorb moisture and condensation from the base of the bowl but also hold the Tobacco away from any moisture. They pay for themselves as you can smoke every bowl full down to the last grain of ash and they keep the smoke cool, dry and sweet.