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Erik Nording Freehand Signature Smooth Briar Pipe 105

Single Gift Boxed Briar Pipe £80.99

** This product is not currently available. **

  • Overall Length: 177mm
  • Overall Height: 70mm
  • Bowl Height: 70mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 55mm
  • Bore: 21.5mm
  • Weight: 69g
  • Filter: None
  • Gift Boxed
  • Cloth pipe bag included

Nording Danish Pipes:
Well they don’t come with much more history and character than Erik Nording of Denmark. He wasn’t born and bred into the pipe world but found his way after dabbling in design and engineering of varying fields. Pipe making began as a hobby before he released his work to the world and has never looked back. Nording pipes now produce around 50,000 pipes per year, which takes them into the mass market but don’t be fooled every pipe is hand carved under the careful eye of Erik Nording as he maintains the quality and heart of a boutique pipe maker with intriguing and exciting creations. All Nording pipes are still one off pipes carved to the natural flow of the grain of each individual Briar block.

Nording Freehand Signature Smooth Briar Smoking Pipes:
Freehands are often something of a speciality to Pipe makers as they take time, great skill and experience to produce well and this isn’t as profitable as mass production of standard shapes. However it is something Erik Nording and his carvers have perfected over the years with the majority of their pipes being one-off freehands.

The Nording Freehand Signature smooth Briars are Large pipes with good deep bores perfect for a long evening in front of the fire. The briar walls tend to be thick so the pipe will stay cool and yet they are remarkably light due to the quality of the Briar Erik Nording uses. The Bowl has a stunning, unique Satin finish, which shows off the raw natural beauty of these quality Briars. Each pipe is signed off by Erik Nording and include his signature as a stamp of approval.

Churchwarden vs Standard Size:
There is no hiding from it Churchwarden pipes smoke cooler and sweeter …….. so why would you go for a standard sized pipe. Well a churchwarden isn’t exactly pocket friendly.
So, do you go small and convenient, large and restrictive or empty your wallet with the expense of two quality briar pipes? No you buy a Nording as every Nording shank is drilled to the same size on every pipe meaning you can fit one of their standard stems or a churchwarden. We supply the pipes with a standard stem and the churchwarden stems can be bought separately.

One Off Pipe:
This is a one off pipe so the pipe pictured is the exact pipe you will receive.