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English Pewter Company 4oz Plain Polished Pewter Hip Flask SF501

  • Height: 110mm
  • Width: 70mm
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Holds: 4oz / 117ml
  • English Made Pewter

English Pewter Company Sheffield has long had a tradition and industry based on metalwork, silverwork and cutlery. In 1977 Alan and Robert Shaw set up the English Pewter Company. With a commitment to quality, service and price they soon became the UK's largest manufacturer of quality pewter giftware.

Pewter Pewter, an easily worked alloy, has been in use in Britain for near on 2000 years. Pewter remained a cottage industry until 1770 when a new pewter alloy which used Antimony and Copper instead of Lead was developed in Sheffield, it became known as Britannia metal and was capable of being given a bright polish.

Hip Flask It is often the case that the traditional is still the best, and that argument can definitely be made about this simple and elegant pewter hip flask. Lovingly manufactured from the highest quality lead free pewter, this flask will stand the test of time without tarnishing. The plain body of the flask has a highly polished mirror-like finish, which is perfect for the addition of your own choice of engraving, and the simplicity and utility of the flask is completed by the captive top that is attached to the flask via a hinged arrangement and is also supplied with a cream and black presentation box and funnel.

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