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Dunhill Unique Lighter Silver Plated Full Lines (ULY1301 -Pipe Flame)

Single Dunhill Lighter £280.00

** This product is not currently available. **

  • Width: 65mm
  • Height: 30mm
  • Ignition: Flint
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Flame: Classic
  • British Made
  • Available with Pipe & Cigar Flames
  • Guarantee: 2 Years

Dunhill have worldwide credibility for their luxury leather ware, aftershaves and jewellery. Their origins were in the automotive and tobacco industry where they set a standard which other manufacturers failed and still fail to aspire to. True British Luxury at it’s finest.

Dunhill Unique Lighter:
The Dunhill Unique is Alfred Dunhills original masterpiece that has more than stood the test of time as the Dunhill Unique is still the most popular luxury lighter on the market today! The reliability, unmistakable quality and class that oozes from the Unique still leaves most gift lighters in the shadows. The Unique has got to be the true timeless classic!

Pipe Lighter:
Internally the Dunhill Unique pipe lighters are identical to the cigarette or cigar lighter. The only difference is the valve, which directs the flame at a 45 degree angle making it easier for lighting a pipe without burning the fingers.

Please Note
Due to postal regulations introduced in 2013 we are no longer allowed to send lighters that contain gas. Your lighter will be supplied with out any gas and will therefore need filling on receipt.