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**DISCONTINUED** Dunhill Signed Range Robustos Single Loose Nicaraguan Aged Premium Hand Rolled Cigars

Single Dunhill Cigar £13.50

** This product is not currently available. **

The Dunhill signed range has been removed from the market ready for a new signed range due to be released for 2015/16. Dunhill have put a large investment into their new signed range so we wait with baited breath!! as always we have left the original description and images here for historical reference and interest.

  • Length: 115mm
  • Gauge: 52
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Dominican
  • Hand Rolled Cigars
  • Aged Premium Leaf
  • Humidor Advised

Dunhill Signed Range:
The Dunhill premium Signed Range are one of the finest cigars available on the market today.
The Dunhill Signed Range was introduced in 2007 as Dunhill wanted to revive their Cigar making heritage and prove that they can still produce the finest Cigars in the world and by jove did they manage it. It has taken a while for this Cigar to become recognised but the Cigar aficionados are starting to rave about this range now.

To produce the Dunhill Signed Range the finest leaves are sourced from Nicaragua, the Dominican and Cameroon before being put through Dunhills strict ageing process. Every leaf is carefully inspected and only the best go into the Premium Signed Range ready for the Torcedor to do his magic.
If you pick up a Dunhill the first thing you will note is the firmness and say “surely that won’t smoke” we’ve had this comment a number of times in our retail outlet now. However we have never once had a complaint regarding a bad draw. In fact quite the opposite. They light well and the draw is impeccable.
And how do we know? I ask the customer to draw their nose down the length of the flawless oily wrapper. Before they’ve even got to the mid section the cash is out of the wallet and the cash register is ringing.
We have never known such an aroma from an un-lit cigar. And from reports in the shop there is not a hint of disappointment when the cigar is lit. Rich, Smooth and bulging with Complex, earthy flavours.

The Dunhill Premium Robustos are a fairly large Cigar with a heft ring gauge, which will provide a good intense, flavoursome smoke. Even considering the Medium Strength we would not suggest a cigar of this size for a novice to the world of Premium Cigars. Novices have tried them and loved them but we would always suggest trying a smaller cigar initially

Loose Cigars:
These Dunhill Premium Cigars come loose in a branded gift box. This allows for good ageing and diffusion of flavour but does require the Cigars to be kept in a humidor if they are to be kept for any length of time. If you do not have a humidor and are not sure when they are going to be smoked we would suggest looking at the Dunhill Tubed range.

Please note the Dunhill Robustos require cutting before the cigar can be enjoyed.

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