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Dunhill My Mixture 965 Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin)

QTY Price
Single Tin (50g) £15.25
3 Tins (150g) £45.00
5 Tins (250g) £73.70

  • 50g Vacum Sealed Tin
  • Ready Rubbed
  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Flavour: 4
  • Strength: 3
  • Aroma: 3

Was it a marketing exercise? Was it a mistake? Did the big boys fall out? Who cares its back and the future looks bright!
The Dunhill range of Pipe Tobacco’s was discontinued back in 2008 and it looked like the coffin lid had been nailed never to be disturbed again. However someone somewhere has listened to the constant groan from the mass of mourning pipe smokers worldwide. A select number of Dunhill Blends have been re-introduced to the UK market with a reputable distributor and production in the Orlik factory to Dunhill’s strict and highly secret recipe.

Dunhill My Mixture 965:
One of the original classics, the Dunhill My Mixture 965 has found international popularity with connoisseurs of full bodied tobacco and is often described as “the finest smoking mixture ever produced.” A selection of small Latakia leaves is used to impart the rich nutty flavour and aroma loved by it’s many followers. Bright oriental leaf from Macedonia is added to round off the blend before it is finished off with rich oily brown Cavendish.

Ready Rubbed Pipe Tobacco:
The Dunhill My Mixture Pipe Tobacco is a ready rubbed tobacco blend. Ready rubbed tobacco is made up of loose strands and is ready for immediate use in the pipe with no preparation for added convenience and enjoyment.