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**DISCONTINUED** Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls Pipe Tobacco (50g Tin)

Single Tin (50g) £16.65
3 Tins (150g) £49.15
5 Tins (250g) £80.45

** This product is not currently available. **

2018 is proving to be a sad year in the Tobacco trade as the iconic Dunhill Tobacco has been delisted from the worldwide market and we are told that this time it is for good!!
Are they telling the truth this time ………. who knows ……… but hopefully we will see it on our shelves again one day.

In the meantime please check out our Charatan range of Pipe Tobacco’s which have been produced as a direct replacement for the Dunhill Tobacco and we have been told it is very close to the original.

As usual we have left the listing on our website for historical reference and interest.

* 50g Vacuum Sealed Tin
* Curly Cut/Flake
* Pipe Tobacco
* Flavour: 2
* Strength: 2
* Aroma: 2

Was it a marketing exercise? Was it a mistake? Did the big boys fall out? Who cares its back and the future looks bright!
The Dunhill range of Pipe Tobacco’s was discontinued back in 2008 and it looked like the coffin lid had been nailed never to be disturbed again. However someone somewhere has listened to the constant groan from the mass of mourning pipe smokers worldwide. A select number of Dunhill Blends have been re-introduced to the UK market with a reputable distributor and production in the Orlik factory to Dunhill’s strict and highly secret recipe.

Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls
One of the most desired and praised Dunhill tobacco’s, the Dunhill De-luxe navy rolls was always rumoured to be a replica of Dunhills Traditional Escudo, Roll cake. It is a medium strength pure tobacco flavoured blend. It is produced using carefully selected ripe African flue-cured tobacco spun around a core of the highly desirable Louisianan Perique. A luxury tobacco, which one must treat themselves to as often as the pocket allows.

Roll Cake/Curly Cut:
The Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls comes in a roll cake form. The sliced discs can be smoked as they are, mixed with some ready rubbed or can be rubbed to the smokers preference depending on the desired burn rate. Twist tobacco is often matured. All though this adds depth of flavour and character it can be over powering for the less experienced.

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