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Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Steel Handle 201 006

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Single Razor Kit £31.99

  • Carbon Steel
  • Replaceable Blades
  • German Made
  • 2 Blades included
  • Gift Boxed

Dovo German Razors:
Dovo Solingen of Germany have been making razors for over a hundred years and today are considered to be one of the finest manufacturer of straight razors.

Dovo 201-006 Shavette Razor:
The Dovo Shavette Razors are designed for those who want all the benefits of straight Razor shaving but don’t have the time or confidence for maintaining a fixed blade. It is also used in barber shops a lot where health and safety is an issue.
When you lose the razor edge simply slide out the blade and replace at a fraction of the cost of mach 3 razors with a more satisfying shave they are simply brilliant.

Blade Choice:
The Dovo Shavette Razors are supplied with a long blade for general shaving and a shorter blade for detailing. The shorter blade can be used for general shaving if you wish but it will take you longer to shave.
The blades are snapped in half to fit in the blade holders.
The blade holders cover the leading edge of the blade to prevent you cutting yourself and acts as a guide.

Blade Holders:
The Dovo Shavette comes with 3 blade holders

  • 1 x Regular Black Holder
  • 1 x Open Comb Black Holder
  • 1 x Regular Clear Holder

BLACK HOLDER: uses the longer double edge blade, more closely comparing to the blade length of a standard straight razor.

BLACK OPEN COMB HOLDER: uses the longer version of the double edge blade, more closely comparing to the blade length of a standard straight razor. The serrated plastic edge allows for the blade to get closer to the skin, which we recommend using once you have more experience.

CLEAR HOLDER: accepts the shorter double-edge blades. Best choice for edging and detailing of beards and moustaches, hairlines, around nose, etc.