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Don Florian Cork Knocker Wooden Pipe Ashtray

  • Width: 131mm
  • Height:
  • Weight: 282g

Don Florian Pipes Don Florian pipes are Italian-made smoking pipes handcrafted from high-quality materials. The pipes are made by Matteo Stefani, who started smoking pipes in 1992 while he was preparing for his law exams. The pipes are made from a variety of materials, including Briar and Wild olive wood, which is grown in a little sea rock and has natural veins and particularities that follow the essence of the wood and its characteristics. Don Florian pipes are highly sought after by collectors and are known for their quality and craftsmanship

Cork Knocker Ashtray We have lost count of how many cracked pipes we’ve seen that have been subjected to months of tapping out on walls. As much as we are happy to take your money for a new pipe we would always recommend scraping the pipe out or if you haven’t the patience buy yourself a good ashtray.

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