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De Olifant Duijfken Assortment Cigar Gift Box (12 Cigars)

** This product is not currently available. **
  • Flavour: Medium
  • Machine made
  • Humidor Advised

A very attractive cedar box containing 12 assorted De Olifant Cigars

De Olifant De Olifant is still produced in the original factory in Kampen Holland. With around 50,000 inhabitants, this small town is located right on the river Ijssel. Kampen is an idyllic place with historical warehouses, facades, old sailing ships and original clay-brick walls, all part of a beautiful legacy from the time when Kampen was an influential Hanseatic city. The foundation of De Olifant's success has come from its use of pure natural raw materials of the finest quality, they devote a lot of time and attention to purchasing tobacco, with filler coming from the far reaches of Brazil, Cuba and Indonesia.

De Olifant Duijfken A beautifully presented cedar assortment box consisting of 5 different De Olifant cigars. The filler of these consists of a blend of tobacco from Brazil, Java, Sumatra and Cuba. The binder comes from Java and the cigar is covered with Sumatra sand leaf.

Preparation: The De Olifant cigars are pre-pinched and therefore do not require cutting and can be enjoyed straight out of the box.

Storage: The De Olifant are packaged loose in a branded box. The cigars are kept in our humidors until dispatch and preferably should be stored in a humidor as soon as you receive them. If you are planning on smoking them within a couple of weeks the cigars should be okay as long as they are kept sealed in a cool dark place.

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