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Crossroads Original Hand Rolling/Tubing Tobacco


** This product is not currently available. **

  • 25g Pouch
  • Additive Free
  • Slight Honey Flavouring
  • Mild-Medium
  • Fine Cut

100% Additive-free natural roll your own tobacco. Mild to Medium strength, which gives a little bite without being over powering!

The Crossroads is designed specifically for Hand Rolling but the Additive free tobacco's do not hold the same moisture content as standard hand rolling tobacco. Moist tobacco sticks when you try and push it inot the tubes but many have found these new additive free tobacco's are ideal for tubing and taste a lot better than tubing specific tobacco.

The crossroads Original is a hand rolling tobacco blend produced using Virginia, Burly and a little Oriental, with a little honey, and nothing comes much more natural than that. Much like American Spirit & Pueblo, Crossroads has no artificial additives, Well other than Honey. The addition of honey helps maintain the moisture within the tobacco and keep the smoke cool without being prominent enough to alter the tobacco flavour.

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