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Comoys Meerschaum Pipe Straight Carved (Comoy 15)

QTY Price
Single Briar Pipe £129.99

  • Overall Length: 143mm
  • Overall Height: 44mm
  • Bowl Height: 44mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 37mm
  • Bore: 18.5mm
  • Weight: 36g
  • Leather bound fitted case

Comoy’s Pipes
Francois Comoy and his brothers started making clay, boxwood and beech pipes in 1825 in the small monastic town of Saint-Claude in eastern France. Claude and his son Louis discovered that briar had vastly superior qualities and from 1848 made pipes only in this wood. In 1879 Francois’s son Henri, who was born in 1850, moved to London with a small bag of tools, but a great deal of experience. Henri set up a small factory in Seven Dials which is today known as Cambridge Circus. He was one of the prime movers in the establishment of the briar pipe trade in London and is credited with being the author of the appellation “London Made”.

Comoy’s Meerschaum Pipes
Comoy’s are famous for their London Made Briar Pipes but do commission Meerschaum pipe models from the finest Carvers in Turkey. Their Meerschaums are produced under strict quality standards. Each bowl is inspected in the London factory before Comoy’s add their stems stamped with the instantly recognisable Comoy’s “C” as a sign of a true quality pipe.

Each Comoys Meerschaum pipe comes presented in a hand fitted, Leather bound, hard case to ensure your pipe is well protected if you wish to take it on holiday with you.

Meerschaum Pipes
Meerschaum is now very sought after and due to their delicate nature the pipes are getting thin on the ground. Meerschaum is a clay found, mainly in Turkey in naturally formed pockets. Due to the porous nature of the clay, Meerschaum pipes provide a much cooler smoke and absorb more moisture than Briar pipes. It is also easy to carve so some stunning examples can be found. The downside to Meerschaum is the Meerschaum clay is running out and they are not as a robust. Drop one on anything harder than a shag pile and your pipe is likely to shatter. They are generally reserved for fireside smoking rather than a trip to the shops.
If you look after your Meerschaum you will be able to witness the pipe curing over years as the natural oils from the tobacco are absorbed into the clay revealing deep reds and golden browns. A well carved meerschaum will really show its true quality as deeper carvings will be clarified by deeper shades where thicker parts of the pipe will stay more Golden.

Hand Carved:
These Meerschaums are individually hand carved from Block Meerschaum sourced from below 200ft where the Meerschaum is of the highest quality. Each pipe is therefore individual and you will receive the exact pipe pictured.