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**DISCONTINUED** Comoys Leather Adjustable Calabash Gourd Pipe Stand

Single Pipe Stand £5.99

** This product is not currently available. **

  • Adjustable Length: 85mm -130mm
  • Height: 47mm
  • Strong Velcro Fastener
  • Real Leather
Comoys Leather Adjustable Calabash Gourd Pipe Stand
We used to sell the Comoys Gourds with the option of a deluxe wooden pipe stand but in 2011 the company that made the stands disappeared. For some reason no Gourd pipes come with stands, which is a shame because they are beautiful creations and are difficult to display without one.
Thankfully Comoys have now started producing these very affordable Gourd Stands. We were dubious when they were described to us as we didn’t think a leather strap could effectively hold the pipe but we are glad to admit that we were very much wrong (and we are not quick to admit that normally.) The Gourds fit snuggly in the stand hold it very sturdy.
The strap is adjustable to suit any size Gourd all though we think it might look out of place on the really small ones. The pipe in the picture is the standard sized Comoys Gourd listed in the pipes section of our site.

The Leather strap is made from a substantial thick piece of Leather and is stained Black with an embossed Comoys logo on one side.

There is always one:
Just because there is always one chancer we have to state that the pipe in the image is just for illustration and not included in the price.