< Calabash Gourd Smoking Pipe

Comoys Calabash Gourd Standard Meershaum Lined Pipe (05)

Single Boxed Pipe £245.00

** This product is not currently available. **

  • Overall Length: 144mm
  • Overall Height: 130mm
  • Bowl Height: 110mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 58mm
  • Bore: 21mm
  • Weight: 78g
  • Boxed
  • Filter: None

Comoy’s of London
Comoy’s is a century old company that epitomises British pipe smoking. Founded in London village many knowledgeable Pipe Smoking historians regard Comoy’s as one of the key brands who helped place London on the map as the pipe smoking capital of the world.

Calabash Gourd
The Calabash pipe is named after the plant it is created from, the “Calabash gourd.” The Calabash Gourd is a large fruit that once harvested and matured can be dried, and used as a bottle, utensil, or pipe.
A traditional Calabash pipe is still made from this versatile plant and is hand manipulated during drying to give it the fluted full bent shape, which is now well regarded as the Calabash shape. The plant is then trimmed off flush to make the base for a Meerschaum insert. The Large chamber created by the bore of the plant allows the smoke to circulate and develop more than in any other pipe. This large chamber and dramatic curve also stores more fluid and stops any bitter impurities passing through the stem.
You will never find another pipe that smokes quite like a natural Calabash!