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Cohiba Miniatures (Box of 10 Cuban Cigars)

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  • Length: 80mm
  • Gauge: 20
  • Flavour: Med-Full
  • Cuban
  • Cellophane Wrapped Box
  • No Humidor Required

An attractive branded box containing 10 machine rolled Cuban cigars!

Cuban miniatures make a great introduction to Cuban cigars or are more often used for a quick smoke when there isn't the time to commit to a full size Cigar. They offer more flavour than other cigars of the same size as they are made from the same Cuban tobacco leaves as the larger hand rolled Havanas. All Cuban Miniature cigars are made from 100% tobacco leaf and you will not experience any chemical tastes as found in a cigarettes or cheaper mass manufactured cigars. All you will taste in a Cuban miniature is Tobacco.

Cohiba are probably the most desirable and regarded cigar in the Cuban range. They were originally reserved for Cuban diplomats but were eventually released to the general public. Now the leaves of the Cohiba Cigars have been used to create a miniature. For those who wish to sample the Cohiba flavour or for quick alfresco satisfaction. Either way satisfaction is assured.

No cutter is required for the Cohiba miniature cigars

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