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**SOLD** Clairmont Sardinian (Italy) High Grade Artisan Briar Pipe Creative Freehand 01

Single Boxed Briar Smoking Pipe £370.00

** This product is not currently available. **

One lucky pipe collector has snapped up this pipe. He is reporting that the Clairmont smoke beautifully from the first light with no bitter tastes at all and is soon to add more Clairmont to his collection.

As usual we have left the listing on our website for historical reference and interest.

* Overall Length: 152mm
* Overall Height: 51mm
* Bowl Height: 51mm
* Bowl Diameter: 46mm
* Bore: 22mm
* Weight: 63g
* Unfiltered
* Gift Boxed
* Deluxe pipe bag included

Paronelli Italian Artisan Briar Pipes:
Clairmont is a true Artisan pipe making company born in the 1980’s to take advantage of the natural resources on their native island just off the coast of Italy where some of the finest Italian Briar is harvested. A small group of creative friends took it upon themselves to create the Clairmont company and use their vast experience in harvesting and processing Briar to produce some of the finest artisan pipes in the world from their own boutique workshop.
There are only few boutique pipe makers in the world that go to the extents of repetitively boiling their Briar to remove tannins and elements from the Briar before seasoning and ageing but this makes a big difference to the smoke and almost eliminates bitter flavours when smoked.
Every pipe is hand crafted in an environmentally sustainable way to ensure this brand remains true to it’s origins and can maintain a source of premium Briar.
In true ecological fashion the pipes are only finished in natural wax and no chemicals are used during the entire manufacturing process.

Clairmont Creative 01:
The Creative are the ultra premium freehand range from these premium Artisan craftsmen. A very small number of their pipes are stamped creative with the Legends following closely behind. They remain unflamboyant compared to many freehands which makes refreshing change. Instead they concentrate on adding subtle features and shapes which compliment the natural grain and beauty of the specially selected Sardinian Briar.
The 01 is a straight pipe with a half bend in the mouthpiece for comfort. The Shank is extended in a Lovat style and a subtle feature extends from the shank towards the bowl which enables the pipe to stand unaided and also makes the pipe almost ergonomic and very comfortable to hold. The Grain on this piece is exceptional with a flawless straight grain around the entire bowl.
The chamber walls are substantial at 12mm thick making this pipe very heat resilient. This combined with the exceptional seasoned Sardinian Briar make for a very cool and sweet smoking smoking pipe. That’s if you can stop drooling over it for long enough to pack and light it.