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Charles Rattray's Folding Pipe Stand (Matte Black)

  • Dimensions folded: 78mm x 54mm x 2.5mm
  • Height Open: 30mm
  • Branded Leather Pouch

Charles Rattrays Charles Rattrays are master blenders with an impeccable worldwide reputation for their unique blends. More recently they have turned their experienced hands to pipes and have taken the world by storm. Here at The Black Swan Shoppe we are big fans of Rattrays pipes and now they appear to be entering the accessories market. If these stands are anythign to go by they are getting tat right too!

Charles Rattrays Folding Pipe Stand Not to be confused with the cheap Chinese knock off's these stands ooze quality, in the weight, finish and feel. It has a very positive smooth feel when folded out and we think they are great value for money.

The simple things in life are the best! The stand is flat and discreet when folded and comes complete with a branded leather pouch to protect the finish in transit or storage. When open it is a striking piece of engineering which compliments any pipe whether straight or bent, rustic or smooth. It fits a wide range of pipes we have tried due to thoughtful design. The only pipes it doesn't seem to work with are the XL pipes such as The Rattrays Chief.

There is always one! There is always a chancer out there so just to note that the pipe in the picture is for illustration purposes and is for one pipe stand only.

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