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CAO Cigars Amazon Basin Toro (Single Loose Cigar)

  • Length: 152mm
  • Gauge: 52
  • Flavour: Medium to Full
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Brazilian Braganca
  • Hand Rolled Cigars
  • Humidor Advised

A single cellophane wrapped hand rolled Nicaraguan cigar!

Amazon Basin Toro: Around 20 years ago, on their quest to find undiscovered tobaccos, General Cigar Corp embarked on a global search where they ventured deep into the Amazon Rainforest. They found a group on indigenous Amazon Basin Indians that had been cultivating a rare Brazilian tobacco leaf known as Braganca, and the Amazon Basin cigar was born. The production of the Amazon Basin cigar is intricate and time-intensive with each release taking three years to craft. Even the journey from the forest to factory is pretty remarkable where, due to the remote location of the plantation, each bundle of leaves, known as "carottes" are carried by hand, placed in canoes, rowed to the mainland, and then transported to the port for shipment to Nicaragua. At the CAO factory, the aromatic Braganca leaf takes center stage. It is complemented by tobaccos sourced from four different countries. Wrapped in a robust Ecuadoran Sumatra wrapper from the highest primings, with a Nicaraguan binder and a touch of Nicaraguan leaf in the filler, the CAO Amazon Basin delivers an exotic taste from the tropical rainforest with rich and complex flavours. It boasts a dark and oily rosado wrapper with a band consisting of a twisted tobacco coil wrapped around the cigar four times which is Inspired by the ancient Amazon-Indian tie technique. Remarkably, you can smoke right through these coils.

Cellophane Wrapped: The Amazon Basin Cigars are a premium hand rolled Cigar which need storing at the correct humidity to prevent them from drying out and losing flavour. We therefore recommend transferring them to a humidor on receipt. They are however individually wrapped in cellophane so if you do not have the luxury of a humidor they should be okay for about a good week if kept in a cool dark place. You can also store them for a few weeks in a sealed container or a full wrapped bundle but it is generally advisable to allow your cigars to breathe.

Preparation: Please note the CAO are a hand rolled Cigar and therefore require cutting before the cigar can be enjoyed.

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