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Butz Choquin Belami Sablee 1303 Full Bent Briar Pipe

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Single Boxed Briar Pipe £31.99

  • Overall Length: 120mm
  • Overall Height: 71mm
  • Bowl Height: 38mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 33mm
  • Bore: 17mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Branded Cloth Pipe Bag
  • Gift Boxed

Butz Choquin Briar Pipes:
The finest French export second only to Dom Perignon!
Butz Choquin pipes are hand crafted from the finest Mediterranean Briar according to a meticulous manufacturing process that has been perfected over a 140 year history through 4 generations. Every Butz Choquin briar block is dried naturally over several months before being passed through the hands of no fewer than 80 craftsmen until the final pipe is polished and inspected ready to be re-homed.

Butz Choquin Belami Sablee 1303:
The Butz Choquin Belami Sablee 1303 is a classic full bent Billiard of smaller dimensions. It’s quite rare to find smaller, pocket friendly pipes on the pipe market today especially those of quality as it is more cost effective to produce a larger pipe and trends have favoured the larger pipe in recent years. The Belami Sablee is a welcome addition to our range. A perfect travel companion or for those who don’t want a long intense smoke every time. The Sablee has been sandblasted and stained Black on the main body to highlight the grain with a smooth, reddish Brown finish on the rim and edge of the shank.

Metal Condensing Filter:
The Butz Choquin Belami Sablee incorporates the re-usable metal filter system. The metal filter is suspended in the middle of a moisture trap, which forces the smoke to spiral round the cool metal before entering the stem. This causes condensation, which naturally removes tar and moisture deposits from the smoke trapping them in the shank for a cool pleasant smoking experience. Simply wipe clean in between smokes.
The metal filter can be removed all together for smokers who prefer a totally un-restricted full bodied smoke.