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Brebbia Original Pipe Nail/Tamper

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  • Iconic Pipe Nail

Sometimes the simplest of objects are the ones we love the most.

Brebbia have been producing these handy little pipe tampers since anyone can remember and no matter how hard any company tries they can’t produce anything smokers prefer to use.
Is it the character or heritage behind these handy little pipe nails or is it because they are the best things since sliced bread!
Smooth edges make them comfortable in the pocket and they save countless burns on those precious index fingers!
What more can we say?!


I have really taken to the Brebbia pipe nail. Such a simple (elegant even) but very efficient item.
Nice and light with no sharp edges or corners.

It won’t replace my normal pipe tools completely but for normal, regular
tamping and emptying of bowls it’s ideal. I will I think be picking up a
few more as and when I order stuff so I can have one in every pocket and
pouch and maybe a spare for when I (inevitably) lose one or someone
“borrows” one. I think one should come free with every pipe (modify the
branding, and subtly change the design perhaps, to suit).

Terry (London)

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