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CP6106 Black Leather SK Cigarette Packet Case with Lighter Holder

  • Real Leather
  • Holds King Size or Superkings
  • Holds a Pack of 20
  • Hassle Free Fastener
  • Lighter Compartment
  • Protects Cigarettes

CP6106 Leather Cigarette Packet Holder A quality soft Leather Cigarette packet holder designed to a hold a full packet of Superkings or King Size Cigarettes. Simply remove the cellophane from your cigarette packet and slot it inside the case to neatly disguise those offensive health warnings and prevent any more crushed cigarettes. This case is designed for Superkings cigarettes but a packet of King Size will still fit in the case, just with a gap at the top.

Magnetic Fastener The lid fixes down with the aid of a magnet discreetly placed under the leather. No more fiddling with little press studs, just roughly flip the lid down and the magic of magnetic forces does the rest.

Lighter Holder This pouch also benefits from a handy side pocket for storing a lighter.

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